Solar What?! consists of a torch and an adaptor unit. The portable torch has two brightness settings, battery life of over 20 hours and is small enough to be carried in a pocket.

The adaptor unit is designed to be mounted in multiple ways and can be connected to any solar panel between 5 and 20 volts. The adaptor unit outputs to a USB port and has 3 different brightness settings for use in a fixed location.

Ethical Electronics

Solar What?! sources all electrical components from suppliers with internationally recognised ethical and environmental policies. These include ISO 14001, ISO 9001, RoHS compliance. We source from suppliers with policies on conflict minerals and fair labour standards. Our decisions aim to highlight how ethical and environmental practices should be consistent throughout the product life cycle.

Designed for Repair

Both Solar What?! lighting devices are comprised of three sections held together by easily removable screws. These allow stages of access depending upon need. The battery(s) ( standard mobile phone battery readily available in context) can be replaced without damaging the PCB or fiddling with wires. All components can be unsoldered and replaced. Repair information will be available on this website in due course.

Adapted for Re-use

Solar What?! ships without a solar panel. Instead the device is designed to be connected to second-hand panels already in circulation. The panel can be attached via a separate voltage adaptor, providing a 5V USB port to charge either the light or a mobile phone. There is no stand or strap. Features on the casing recognise that people always adapt technologies to contexts of use. Solar What?! introduces points around which end users are invited to design their own fixtures and fittings, minimising shipping costs, unwanted or unusable materials and waste.

Reusable, Recycled and Recyclable Plastics

Solar What?! endeavours to use recycled materials where possible and ensures that all plastics are clearly labelled for ease of recycling. The casing is designed to be durable, but with parts that can be individually replaced.