Solar What?! is a fully repairable, recyclable solar-powered light that empowers people to extend the lives of electronic devices.

In 2017 over 6 million small, solar powered lighting devices were sold worldwide and 1.6 million solar powered lighting devices entered electronic waste flows.

We believe that delivering affordable, clean energy for all can also promote responsible production and consumption.

Our goal is to advocate for sustainable design in the global solar industry and promote the repair, reuse and recycling of solar powered electronics. We are pro-solar, anti-waste.

  • Designed to maximise the lifespan of all components
  • Built using recycled plastics and responsibly sourced electronic components
  • Robust and easy to open with non-specialist tools
  • Compatible with a wide range of second-hand solar modules and mobile phone batteries
  • Appropriate for use, reuse, repair, repurposing and recycling

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